Chrıs do, Seth Godin, and the Creative’s Remedy for Fear, Doubt, and Procrastination

Thursdays are for content-inspired posts. This week’s feature is a review of an episode of The Futur: Seth Godin—Make Something Everyday (Best Hour You’ll Spend Today)

Chris Do & Seth Godin in the early minutes of the episode

Chris Do, the host, did a great job of navigating such important topics with Seth. He’s a natural conversationalist and this episode is a firm favorite of mine now.

There were multiple topics that were covered but I’d like to zone on the concept of “starting”.

This is now my personal and professional theme for the foreseeable future: Just start.

It was inspired by Seth’s 100-day blogging challenge.

For 100 days straight, Seth blogged every day, just for the sake of sharing. There was no focus on analytics, no push to share the work, and almost no plan. The goal was to make sure that every day a post went up – no matter what.

His blog has become a global sensation, with millions of subscribers and one blog post released every day. Seth also happens to be one of the leading minds in the marketing industry. He’s written over 18 books, appeared at countless conferences, and finds himself involved in new projects almost every other day.

His laid back demeanor caught my attention first. Most marketing thought leaders I’ve come across take the bright and chipper brand so seriously, I was almost thrown off by Seth’s chilled vibes. It was refreshing for me, to be honest. It was refreshing because it felt real.

I’m skeptical of following popular thought leaders because somewhere along the lines their content ends up saying the same thing, just with different words. But, this episode of The Futur, which also happens to be the first episode I ever watched, provided information that was refreshing.

Seth’s takes on topics like education, college & career choices, critical thinking, etc. were impassioned but realistic to listen to. Some of them caught me off guard and made me want to re-evaluate my stance on a few things, but at no point did I feel like I was being forced to understand his opinion.

The questions addressed during the episode are still relevant today – this episode aired in 2018 – and I’ve found myself raving about parts of this episode ever since I listened to it. If you’re someone who’s trying to navigate a stage of their life, then you should give this video a chance.

I want to zero in on the “just start” message Seth shared for creators. He spoke about the biggest struggle creatives face on a regular basis: trusting our work enough to create it. It’s safe to say that our field gets bogged down the most by crippling doubt, endless questioning, and overwhelming fear.

Some of us are sitting on stellar ideas that we’ve had for years. What’s keeping us from executing them?

“It’s not the right time.”

“I’m not sure if people will like it.”

“I don’t know if it’s worth pursuing.”

The point of “just starting” and focusing on releasing consistently isn’t to be good. It’s to be disciplined and to push ourselves.

“When you commit to sharing content every day,” Seth explained. “You become more observant of the things around you.”

I’ve only been at this challenge for four days and I’ve felt my mind adjust to finding interesting things to write on. One thing that encourages me the most is the absence of fear when Seth talks about failure and producing “bad work”. 

In a paraphrased version of Seth’s words: you’ll outwrite the bad stuff, eventually. But if you keep producing “bad work”, then maybe it’s a sign that you need to change paths.

Hearing those words was freeing and reminded me of Elizabeth Gilbert’s thoughts on creating work. Create because you want to. Create because you’ll enjoy it.

Take chances because you want to see where they’ll take you. Every decision to start will lead you somewhere worth going – even if the lesson is “don’t do this again”.

If you have an hour to spare or want to play something good in the background while you work, then I highly recommend this podcast.

The link is right here:

And as you listen, I hope you get a renewed enthusiasm for the goals you tucked away because you felt like the right time hasn’t come.

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