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Tedx Talks:

My Neighbor, Your Neighbor: An Era of Social Responsibility

TedXEMUniversity 2019, Famagusta

In the age of social media & virtual living, it’s important that we take time to consider the impact of our actions. Is it really “just social media” or are we contributing to the problems we’re trying to fight daily? How far is too far and what do we do when we get there?

One Step, One Heart, One Moment At A Time

TedxEMUniversity 2015, Famagusta

My first TEDx talk was about my journey to becoming a blogger and self-published author, and the importance of breaking one’s goals into small, achievable steps.

Ignite Conference 2016: The Importance of Getting Grounded

A quick reminder on the importance of grounding ourselves before trying to shoot for the stars. If we want to build long-lasting legacies with the work we do, we have to make sure that we have strong, solid roots.

Podcasts Features 2020:

Undomesticated Podcast

2020 was the year I got to step out and collaborate with other creators. I had the privilege of being a guest panelist on the Undomesticated Podcast. The discussions I was a part of were centered on several topics that are close to my heart: Friendship, Adulting, and Women Empowerment.

Undomesticated is a Zimbabwean-led podcast focused on challenging the status quo, empowering viewers, and dismantling problematic beliefs and systems one episode at a time. For more of their work, follow them on Instagram.

Conversations With Stephen

This was a brief conversation on the important role one’s childhood plays in their adult development. If we take time to analyze our present behavior, we can almost always trace it back to an event from our youth. This awareness helps us find effective ways to overcome unhealthy habits and become better versions of ourselves daily.

Speaking & Teaching In 2020:

2020 was the year I stepped well out of my area of comfort and leaned into the work that brings me joy. I had the opportunity to speak and teach on Freelancing, Remote Work, and Marketing. Where I thought the pandemic would limit me in my ability to grow, I actually discovered the power of the internet, connecting yourself with like-minded people, and opening yourself up to new opportunities.

I’ve managed to make great friendships and lasting connections as a result of these few leaps of faith, and I look forward to what the next year has in store for me.

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