Taking Life One Moment At A Time


I’m Chipo: Freelance Writer, Content Strategist, Once-Published Author, and 2x TEDx Speaker. I have a deep love for understanding how people, tech, and systems work. That’s what I write & speak about most of the time.

On this blog, you’ll find articles on my personal interests, some of my work-related thoughts, and the odd Netflix recommendation here and there.

If you’d like to see my TED talks, you can find them here and here.

I also tried to write for 100 days straight. That didn’t work out. But you can read the few posts from that attempted challenge here.

I’m still constructing my portfolio page, but if you can find samples of my professional work as a marketer and copywriter, here.

If you have questions relating to freelancing, remote work, or are in need of a fixer to help get your business unstuck and off the ground, then contact me here.

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